School Bus Accidents

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Like any large vehicle, a school bus is heavy, cumbersome and bound to the law of inertia. Once moving, a school bus is hard to stop. Anything in its path is at significant risk during an accident. Passengers, adult pedestrians and especially children are susceptible to severe injuries when at the wrong end of a moving bus.

At The Law Offices of Dennis J. Ellis and Associates, our personal injury attorneys have more than 20 years of experience fighting to get necessary compensation for those who have been injured in school bus accidents.

Among the situations in which we assist clients:

  • Collisions with other vehicles
  • Collisions with pedestrians
  • Rollovers, crashes and other circumstances that cause injuries to children or other passengers

Retain our law firm, and we can utilize accident reconstructionists, medical experts and others who understand the physics of bus accidents, as well as the injuries they can cause. If you, your spouse, or your child was injured in a school bus crash, we can pinpoint the causes of the accident and uncover the full extent of any acute or lingering injuries, as well as any disabilities.

Further, as experienced trial lawyers, At The Law Offices of Dennis J. Ellis and Associates can identify the parties who are legally responsible for the accident, and hold them accountable for paying your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, property damage, and if necessary, burial expenses and/or loss of companionship.

Whether your accident was caused by an inattentive or intoxicated driver, by a poorly maintained vehicle, or due to ill-advised driving in dangerous road conditions, our attorneys can represent you efficiently, effectively and with the respect all clients deserve.

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